#Everybodyeverywhere: With Hybrid, you can always serve excellent coffee


SUSEGANA, Italy – The first two episodes of the new #EverybodyEverywhere video campaign starring HYbrid, the first espresso machine combining the ease of use of a super-automatic and the quality of a traditional machine, have been posted on Astoria YouTube channel.

The message is clear and simple: no matter who the bartender behind the machine is or where the machine is located, with HYbrid, you always have the certainty of offering a coffee with authentic taste.

Simply insert and remove the filter holder and run the daily wash cycles; all other settings are automatic: whether espresso, macchiato or American coffee, HYbrid makes the preparation of coffee or milk-based drinks as easy as a single touch on a display screen.

HYbrid is the perfect machine for any setting

HYbrid is the perfect machine for any setting with a high turnover of staff, including hotels, pastry shops, movie theaters, airports, fast-food and self-service restaurants, gas stations and shopping centers, because it can be easily operated also by untrained or less expert baristas to provide coffee of excellent quality.

At the same time, however, HYbrid preserves the image of a traditional machine and operations inspired by classic barista rituals, thanks to the use of its distinctive filter holder and a steel dispensing unit that brings to mind more traditional machines.

With HYbrid, every story is a success story

So, discover how Stephanie, an English student who loves comics and works in a pub to pay for her graphic design studies, is able to make excellent flat whites for a couple, and, at the same time, print a cash receipt for another group of friends without compromising the quality of her drinks.

Or, look at Sabrina serving excellent coffee in a French bakery; her job is really challenging, especially in the afternoon, when she enlists Jacques’s support to serve cakes, pastries, coffee and drinks, and knows how important it is to guarantee customers the same quality standards all day long, especially when it comes to coffee, a rather difficult drink to prepare if you do not have the right skills or tools.

The Company

Established in 1969, Italian company Astoria develops, designs and manufactures professional coffee machines. These are used by experts and coffee lovers in over 150 countries across the world thanks to an extensive international sales network and affiliated branches in the US, France, Romania and Russia.

The company headquarters in Susegana, Northern Italy, is a technological jewel covering 20 thousand square meters, making it the biggest single coffee machine manufacturing plant in the world. Developed on the principles of lean manufacturing, it boasts a high-profile Research & Development division. Astoria is also founding member of INEI and partner of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

To discover more: www.astoria.com