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The European Speciality Tea Association launches a new producer member category

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CHESTER, England – European Speciality Tea Association has launched a new category of membership aimed at producer members both in traditional tea growing countries and also in Europe. Tea producers will be able to join and their membership fee will be calculated according to the size and production level of their tea garden as well as other factors, making it much more accessible to smaller growers.

As well as receiving the same benefits as other members producers will also receive an exclusive document entitled Small Producers – Planning Guidelines written by the well-respected tea consultant and President of the association Nigel Melican.

This will provide start-up producers with invaluable practical advice.

Dan Versey, Director and Leader of the Producers Working Group for the Association said We are really excited about this new initiative, and feel that the new member benefit package will be a great help to new or just started small producers in traditional countries but particularly those in Europe.

Nigel Melican, Co-Founder of the Association and CEO of Teacraft added one of our objectives when the association was conceived was to engage with and support tea producers so this is a particularly important milestone for European Speciality Tea Association.

As I have been working with tea producers around the world for the last forty years I am personally proud that as an association we shall be able to work with them in the future.

To join European Speciality Tea Association visit the website at www.specialityteaeurope.com and click on the membership tab for further details

About the European Speciality Tea Association

European Speciality Tea Association is an inclusive organisation whose mission is to create and inspire excellence in the speciality tea community through innovation, research, education and communication.

With members from over 20 countries representing all parts of the tea supply chain from producers to tea baristas, the Association is helping to generate a vibrant speciality tea community across the world, and is dedicated to promoting great quality tea in all of its forms to create a new sensory excitement amongst tea drinkers. You can join by contacting us at the email address above.