Friday 31 March 2023

European Congress on the Chinese Coffee Market takes place today in Hamburg

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HAMBURG, Germany – The European Congress on the Chinese Coffee Market takes place today in Hamburg. Organised by the German Coffee Association (DKV), the event features high-rated speakers with enormous expertise in China.

They will find answers to the following key questions: Where is coffee consumed in China – and what kind of coffee? What does the Chinese coffee market look like? Which concepts work in the out-of-home market of the People’s Republic? What applies in China as specialty coffee, what as mainstream? What should be considered when starting a business in China? What is regulation on coffee in China? How can the China business be financed in an optimal way?

Programme Highlights include:

  • Data, facts, figures and trends of the Chinese coffee market
  • Opportunities and barriers for the market entry in China
  • Oliver Prüfer, MBA, Vice General Manager, German Industry & Commerce Greater China / Beijing
  • Set up a subsidiary in China as a professional project
  • What does specialty coffee mean for roasters and coffee shops in China?
  • Recent developments in the out-of-home market in China
  • Introduction of regulations an related authorities for exporting coffee products to China
  • Legal challenges for coffee business in China
  • How to successfully doing business with and in China

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