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Ethiopian booth with coffee ceremony attracts visitors at travel expo in Ankara

The Ethiopian coffee ceremony

ANKARA, Turkey – An Ethiopian coffee booth was crowded with visitors during a four-day tourism and travel expo at the ATO Congresium in Turkey’s capital. Turks and international visitors were impressed when they sampled the traditionally brewed Arabica beans, reports the Anadolu Agency.

The venue was filled with booths representing various countries, travel and tour companies and antique merchants during the event, which ran from Nov. 14-17.

“It reminds me of Mirra coffee from Turkey,” said Mustafa Incekoy, one of the Turkish visitors to the expo.

Mirra is a unique type of coffee made with a special brewing method that is typical to the southeast Anatolian provinces such as Mardin and Sanliurfa. According to Incekoy, Mirra coffee is known for its concentration and strong taste.

Beyza Kazdal, another visitor, was curious to learn what Ethiopian coffee tasted like. After trying it, she shared Incekoy’s sentiments about its strength.

Unlike conventional coffee brewing styles, Ethiopian coffee has its own cultural ceremony and special gadgets for brewing it.

In Ethiopia, coffee is not served as a drink only. Rather, it symbolizes gathering, unity and family. When coffee is served there, people learn what is going on in their surroundings.

Coffee is a major export commodity for Ethiopia, covering around 34% of the country’s total export earnings.