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es beverage energizes single-serve coffee market with Writer’s Fuel

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ATLANTA, U.S – On Saturday, January 25, at an inaugural product launch event, es beverage will announce the debut and immediate availability of their first brand, Writer’s Fuel Superior Single-Serve Coffee. When you Google, the relationship between writers and coffee, you get post-after-post of blog articles, quotes and anecdotes about these coveted, ages-old connections.

Now, from es beverage, there is a brand of coffee which celebrates this legendary coupling.

Writer’s Fuel Superior Single-Serve Coffee honors the creatives who spend their waking hours in caffeine-stimulated development of the myriad stories, codes, texts, music scores, contracts, reports, plans and ideas cherished by generation-after-generation of devoted readers.

Whether you prefer the savory, sophisticated Italian roast of edited or the darker, French roast of rough draft, you can live your best #coffeelife with Writer’s Fuel.

Positive Customer Impact

Both, B2B and B2C customers have begun ordering Writer’s Fuel Superior Single-Serve Coffee. A myriad of businesses have recently committed to integration of Writer’s Fuel Superior Single-Serve Coffee in their wholesale refreshment budgeting. Additionally, these aesthetically distinct, gas pump-designed k-cups are becoming a primary, business-day perk throughout a growing number of coworking spaces and establishments across the United States.

Writer’s Fuel Superior Single-Serve Coffee will enable these companies to offer fresh, high-end, hot, caffeinated comfort to tenants and staffers accustomed to stale and burnt roasts of ground coffee lingering in old-fashioned pour-over breakroom carafes.

Writer’s Fuel single-serve coffee availability

Writer’s Fuel Superior Single-Serve Coffee is part of the es beverage commitment to deliver quality beverages and beverage-related items to Millennials and Generation Z. Writer’s Fuel Superior Single-Serve Coffee is available for immediate purchase at http://esbevco.com; via Amazon Alexa skill; and through various literary workshops, events and retreats. In the future, big-box retail will be added to the Writer’s Fuel distribution portfolio.