Thursday 08 December 2022

Ember Technologies releases the world’s first temperature adjustable mug

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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., U.S. – Ember Technologies, the company that exists to make the simple act of eating and drinking more gratifying through temperature control, released its flagship product today: the only temperature adjustable mug that keeps coffee or tea at a consistent temperature.

“The release of the Ember mug is seven years in the making. I started Ember to solve a simple yet universal challenge faced by coffee and tea drinkers everywhere – how can I keep my hot beverage at the ideal temperature for as long as I want,” said Ember Technologies Founder and CEO Clay Alexander.

Ember’s patented temperature-control technology combines a phase change cooling system with an active heating system, creating the world’s most precise temperature controlled mug.

Rather than pouring too-hot-to-drink coffee into a paper cup or travel mug and then impatiently waiting until the temperature falls to a comfortable drinking level (and soon thereafter, to an unpleasant lukewarm), the Ember mug will rapidly cool your hot coffee or tea down to a chosen temperature and will hold it at that exact temperature for hours on end.

Ember was created in partnership with renowned San Francisco-based design studio Ammunition.

Leak-proof and highly portable, Ember will keep hot beverages at the perfect temperature for up to two hours on the go or all day long when used with included charging coaster.

The mug can be controlled either on its own or through the Ember mobile app, which allows you to create temperature presets for all your favorite drinks and even adjust the temperature of your coffee or tea remotely.

The Ember mug is available on, and at, as well as at select Starbucks stores in the U.S. The Ember mug retails for $149.95.

About Ember

Ember plans to revolutionize the way the world eats and drinks. Founded in 2012 by inventor and serial entrepreneur Clayton Alexander, Ember has built an incredible team of world-class product designers and engineers formerly with Nokia, Microsoft and Amazon Labs, with big plans to transform the drinkware and dishware industry.

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