Sunday 04 June 2023

Eight tips for working from home including the right time for a coffee break

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MILAN — Whether you’ve been working from home for a long time — or if this has become part of your “new normal” since the COVID-19 pandemic began — working remotely can come with some unique changes and distractions.

A few simple changes can help make remote working more comfortable.

Here are some tips to help you and your employees work at home more effectively:

  1. Choose a dedicated, private workspace. Kitchen tables were great for doing homework back in high school, but you might find having a designated space where you can tune out distractions will keep you more productive.
  2. Let the light in. Natural light has been proven to brighten your mood and increase productivity. So, if you’ve always wanted that corner office with the big window, now is your chance to make the office of your dreams a reality.
  3. Develop a morning routine. While you may not need to style your hair or plan for a long commute, waking up a few minutes before you clock-in may not lead to the most productive workday. A little preparation can set you up for success – act as though you are going into the office. Set an alarm and get up at the same time each day. Try to have breakfast and get dressed for the day before logging in.
  4. Plan out your tasks and projects. Working from home can bring a lot of distractions, the worst of which is losing motivation. Creating a to-do list of assignments the day before can help make your remote day feel more official and keep you on track with projects.
  5. Dress with your day in mind. Another big benefit of working from home is being able to dress outside of the company dress code. But don’t spend every day in sweatpants, try a business-casual look to keep you feeling productive.
  6. Try a snack hack. The refrigerator has never been so close or stocked with all your favorites. However, it is important to establish healthy habits when your desk is so close to the family pantry.
  7. Connect with your co-workers. While you no longer pass by their cubicles every day, technology has made connecting with co-workers easier. Take a few extra moments during your meetings to check-in with your team members and start a conversation that doesn’t involve work.
  8. Take screen breaks. You no longer have in-person meetings or co-workers stealing you away for a coffee, so you may find yourself sitting in front of the computer longer than usual. Screens can be harsh on the eyes, causing headaches or strained vision – which can lessen your productivity over time. Set a reminder to take a screen break, go for a walk or grab a good cup of coffee.

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