Tuesday 05 July 2022

Eight O’clock Coffee launches refreshed branding, new tagline and campaign

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MILAN — Eight O’clock Coffee, the famous coffee that has been shared across generations, has re-launched its brand. In an effort to break away from the traditional assumption that coffee’s only purpose is to help people re-fuel or savor time alone, Eight O’clock Coffee aspires to show a new generation of coffee drinkers that sharing a cup is about spending more quality time with the people you love.

Time spent with each other over a good cup of coffee fosters togetherness, belonging and intimacy, encouraging their new tagline, “Get together Around Eight O’clock Coffee”.

Eight O’clock Coffee’s new campaign brings this message to life through a beautiful animation style on TV, radio, social and digital breaking the mold of the usual coffee advertising.

The new campaign, developed in partnership with Spark44, brings forward a sentimental warmth nodding to the brand’s long heritage whilst boosting the power of connection.

Throughout the years, the Eight O’clock Coffee brand has explored new varieties, changed their look, but some things will never change: the brand exists to help you savor the time spent with your favorite people.

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