Sunday 04 December 2022

Egoiste Coffee expands to growing U.S. Market

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Egoiste, a line of European gourmet coffee from Coffee Globe, has officially launched the availability of its instant coffee in the United States today. Egoiste Café Noir is the first available product for purchase in the United States.

Produced in Germany and freeze-dried through a proprietary process, Egoiste Café Noir is made with a blend of highland and lowland Kenyan Arabica beans, making it the highest quality of coffee and measuring up to the strict European standards.

Its distinguished mild taste and rich flavor comes from highland plantations while the lowland Arabica provides the fragrance.

“Americans are not usually instant coffee drinkers — only about 7 percent of the U.S. drinks instant coffee on a daily basis, but Egoiste is here to change that,” said Tim Bush, VP of Sales for Coffee Globe.

“In Europe, the majority of people drink instant coffee and have strict standards for its flavor. Our hope in bringing Egoiste to the U.S. is to provide the gourmet taste of convenient coffee that is so loved by Europeans.”

With a focus on water conservation, Egoiste Café Noir brings bold flavor and delicious coffee when and where the consumer wants it.

It is available in a 3.53oz jar, which provides about 60 servings and is made in under 10 seconds. To make one cup, use 1-2 teaspoons per cup and add hot, filtered water.

Based in Florida, Coffee Globe is the U.S. headquarters for the brand Egoiste. Egoiste is produced in Europe at the most modern plants of Switzerland and Germany.

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