Tuesday 27 September 2022

Easy tamping mat by Dvg: coffee pressing has never been so easy!

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COLNAGO, Italy – The pressure of the coffee powder is sure a main factor essential for a correct coffee brewing. A tamping station complete of tamper and tamping mat is a useful tool which unfortunately is rarely to see in the bars.

The importance of a correct pressing and the need of a simple and practical base brought Dvg to create the new “Easy Tamping Mat by Dvg”.

Its size is designed to fit also on small bars. Its angular shape guarantees the stability of the mat and the seat for the filter holder is studied for the perfect positioning and consequently allows an ideal pressing both for 1 or 2 spouts portafilters.

Furthermore the “Easy Tamping Mat by Dvg” prevents damages to spouts there it will not touch any surface.

Made in Italy is the remark of the typical and well known Italian quality.

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