Friday 08 December 2023

DTS8 posts Q1 revenue increase and focuses on acquisitions

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MINDEN, Nev., U.S. – DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd., announced on September 17, 2015 that revenues for the three months ended July 31, 2015, were $99,051, as compared to $88,063 for the same 2014 quarter.

The increase, of approximately 12.5%, is attributable to an increase in sales volume to existing and new wholesale customers. Revenue growth is consistent with our well-established trend of year-over-year revenue growth.

Mr. Thomas, CEO of DTS8, said, “We are pleased with the current pace of revenue growth from our operations. Our primary objective for the future is to continue the increase in the volume of coffees sold and accelerate the rate of revenue growth.”

Further to the press release issued on September 10, 2015, DTS8 has received expressions of interest from several coffee roasting companies which management will further investigate.

Mr. Thomas added that “We are excited by the interest received, and I will be following up and meeting, as necessary, with the interested companies to evaluate the synergistic benefits to DTS8 from potential acquisition of interested parties.”

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