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De’Longhi America partners with RVs4MDs to honor frontline healthcare workers

De’Longhi RVs4MDs

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J., U.S. – De’Longhi America will partner with RVs4MDs to donate Braun BrewSense coffee machines and Coperaco ground coffee to frontline healthcare workers and RV donors involved in the program.

RVs4MDs originally started out as a grassroots movement through Facebook and now has morphed into a nonprofit garnering support on a national level. RVs4MDs connects RV owners with frontline healthcare workers who need a safe place to self-isolate in order to protect their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

RVs4MDs was established on March 24, 2020. Emily Phillips, the wife of an ER doctor in Texas, took to Facebook to ask friends if they had an unused RV that her husband could use. A friend of Emily’s saw her post, quickly connected her with another acquaintance, Holly Haggard, and the rest is history. By 5 p.m. that evening, Emily and Jason picked up an RV from the Haggards and began a new way of temporary living. What started out as a selfless act of kindness has sparked a bond and friendship between the two that they will forever hold dear.

Since then, more than 1,416 RV owners have matched with healthcare workers across 47 states, providing them with a safe place to recharge between shifts with the knowledge they are keeping their families safe. The program is free and donors are asked to loan their RVs out for as long as the recipient needs.

“The work that RVs4MDs is doing is nothing short of amazing,” said Mike Prager, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), De’Longhi America. “We are eager to help bring continued awareness to this organization and honor the physicians and donors for their continued efforts in protecting our communities as all of us navigate through this unprecedented moment in our lives.”

De’Longhi hopes the donation will serve as a thank you to frontline healthcare workers and donors for their selflessness and service during the pandemic, as well as provide them with a sense of comfort during these challenging times.

“During this time, RVs4MDs is supporting healthcare workers and battling COVID-19 with the help of an incredible volunteer base,” said RVs4MDs Partnership Director LaRayne Quale. “Being able to provide our donors and frontline healthcare workers with the added support of businesses such as De’Longhi is an incredible opportunity and an honor!”

More information on De’Longhi’s partnership with RVs4MDs can be found by visiting www.facebook.com/groups/RVs4MDs . Information on De’Longhi and Braun home and kitchen appliances can be found at www.delonghi.com/en-us and www.braunhousehold.com/en-us.