Wednesday 29 June 2022

Dare to discover the intense flavors of Guatemalan Coffees

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MILAN, Italy – With an ambitious positioning, fresh, dynamic, and innovative new brand image, Guatemalan Coffees, this year´s official Portrait Country, is eager to meet attendees at World of Coffee Milan and engage with an exceptional European coffee professionals’ market.

The goal is for Guatemalan coffees to occupy a distinctive place in the minds and hearts of consumers, mainly in growing consumer markets and young generations, through their recent positioning strategy.

This strategy stems from the search for alternatives to improve the income of coffee producers in Guatemala and benefit the entire coffee supply chain in the country. They plan to increase, on the demand side, the international consumption of Guatemalan coffee in a sustainable and long-term manner.

As Portrait Country, Guatemala wants to take the stage in Milan to showcase the dynamic and vibrant community that Guatemalan Coffees represent:

  • Get a shot of sparkling cascara;
  • Stop by for an espresso tonic;
  • Join every day from 11.30 – 12.30 am for multiple coffee cuppings at room number 2 featuring Cup of Excellence and One of a Kind 2022 auction winners, and many more distinctive Guatemalan Coffees;
  • Stop by to celebrate and meet producers at booth MS-E03;
  • Get a chance to experience and enjoy the exceptional quality of their different coffee growing regions.

Guatemalan Coffees Distinctiveness

Guatemalan Coffees are recognized worldwide for being cultivated under shade (98% of the coffee is shade grown), hand-harvested and by its unique geographical conditions; a perfect combination that produces exquisite high-altitude coffees with a delicious aroma, pleasant acidity, a lot of body and a delicate sweetness.

Major geographic influences, like the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, large crater lakes, flat plains, and high mountain ranges, combine to create more than three hundred microclimates in an area of 67,663 square miles (108,889 square kilometers). Guatemalan Coffees reflect the way different soils and climate patterns combine with high altitudes to create marked regional differences. To give a closer look and learn more about these different cup profiles come and join for a shot of inspiration.

The Guatemalan National Coffee Association – Anacafé represents more than 125,000 producing families in the coffee sector and is responsible for ensuring effective services in order to achieve a profitable, sustainable, competitive, and high-quality coffee industry.

Guatemalan Coffees principal markets include the United States, Canada, Japan, Belgium, South Korea, and Italy. North America accounts for 50% of the Guatemalan Coffees exports, Europe for 23% and Asia 23%.

According to the ICO, Guatemala is placed at the 8th position in the listing coffee exporting countries accounting for 3% of the total coffee exports worldwide. In the 2020/2021 harvest, we exported a total of 3.6 million 60-kilo bags of which 87% was SHB coffee.

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