Monday 08 August 2022

DALLA CORTE – The dc campus flies to Sumatra

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The countdown is ending for baristas, as well as for the several international professionals and coffee lovers who will gather at the Danau Toba Hotel in Medan (Indonesia) on March 24 to start a fascinating cultural experience with Dalla Corte espresso machines.

After three editions in Milan, Italy, the dc campus is literally moving to the other side of the world, thus making an important step ahead.

Besides the live/learn/share activities that allowed finalists of the two specialities to train for the world championships, this year’s edition will put participants in direct contact with coffee origins, thus confirming Dalla Corte’s commitment in training/education.

Dalla Corte joined the Orang Utan Coffee Project, which aims at preserving the tropical forest in Sumatra and protecting the orang-utans (at risk due to gradual and constant deforestation).

Organic farming has been fostered as well by supporting farmers who grow high quality Arabica coffee that allows preserving the old-growth forest.

Three years ago, Dalla Corte opened the Orangutan Coffee Lab, a training and support centre destined to the farmers involved in the project.

These were provided with espresso machines and grinders, as well as with education/training activities run by qualified experts such as the dc coffee pros.

Participants will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the tropical forest, the many animal species that live in that natural oasis – such as orang-utans and elephants – and share the commitment of its inhabitants in the production of high-quality Arabica.

Campus’ stages

On the first days, the campus will take place in the northern part of Sumatra, in the Medan area, and will include a visit to a medical centre for orang-utans and to the Orangutan Coffee Lab, with cupping sessions.

Participants will then move to an Eco Lodge in Butik Lawang, surrounded by the jungle, and will have the chance to watch the orang-utans, as well as many other animal species, in their natural environment.

Later, they will head South, to the Gayo Highlands in Central Aceh, one of the main coffee farming areas of the island, where coffee grows on the volcanic hills at 900 to over 2000 metres above sea level.

The ten-day campus will then end and participants will fly back home, feeling they have lived an enriching experience, in direct contact with nature and with coffee farming / first processing stages, and better aware of the Orang Utan Coffee Project, aimed at famers’ welfare and environmental protection.

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