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DALLA CORTE – Orang Utan Coffee Project: their future, our nature, your coffee – take responsibility

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The tropical rainforest provides the special climate in which this unique sumatran arabica coffee flourishes so well. At the same time it is the natural habitat of the few sumatran orangutans left.

The progressive continuation of deforestation, which is primarily pushed forward by both the explosive expansion of the palm oil industry and the overall development of agricultural and industrial development, destroys the livelihood of local farmers and sumatran orangutans alike.

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To counteract the explosive extinction of the sumatran rainforest, the Orang Utan Coffee Project supports the coffee farmers to manage their plantations in an ecological and sustainable way to ensure protection of the rainforest, the natural habitat of the few sumatran orangutans left.

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In this manner the Orang Utan Coffee Project strives for balanced sustainable economic activity, resource efficiency, rainforest conservation and social responsibility. The aim is to create a brand representing highest quality arabica coffee which local people and the sumatran rainforests ecosystem of outstanding biodiversity can profit from.

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Special premiums from coffee trade reward on the one hand the coffee farmers for compliance with the orang utan guidelines and on the other hand support the sumatran orangutan conservation programme(SOCP) of swiss PanEco foundation.

The partnership between PanEco and professional partners from the coffee sector stands for the trustworthiness of this new quality brand.

Dalla Corte

As our philosophy is based on a global but sustainable approach, we are convinced of a holistic high quality coffee concept.

That does not only include our technology but also fairly traded specialty-coffee. This inevitably leads to a social responsibility for the people who live from coffee cultivation and for the natural habitat of the animals.

This is why we support the unique Orang Utan Coffee Project in a way that helps to encourage the farmers‘ understanding of coffee and thus to lay the basis for sustainable agriculture. Hence, not only the current living conditions of the farmers and their families are improved but also their long-term perspective.

Thus we provide equipment such as machines, grinders and roasting kit for the training center (Orang Utan Coffee Lab) in Medan. Additionally coffee courses with our dc coffee pros will be arranged on a regular base.

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