Friday 12 August 2022

Dalla Corte: new image unveiled at Host 2015

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New colours, new logo, new image – Dalla Corte’s metamorphosis was revealed at Host 2015 in Milan. All these changes are summed up in the new “Make it Better” brand line, which effectively conveys the corporate history and philosophy, based on the constant search of innovative solutions that enables any user to achieve their concept of perfect coffee in the easiest way.

A completely new, unique booth was designed to represent two different aspects of the same company. One side of the booth showcased the new, neat corporate logo, along with Dalla Corte professional machines – two dc pros, with their new Steel and Rust finishes, and one evo2 Blackboard, all connected with on demand dc one and dc two coffee grinders.


Vivacity, liveliness and novelty characterised the opposite side of the booth, where over 12 samples of the new single-group machine Mina stood out, with their bright yellow bodies. Also, a black-body sample was destined to filter coffee – the new technology provides that as well –, while another one kept changing its “dress”, showing the wide range of materials and colours available for any kind of customisation.

Several professionals and coffee lovers were guided in their ‘exploration’ of the new machine by the dc coffee pro team, made of Dalla Corte’s coffee experts from all over the world.

Andrej, Fabrizio, James, Jim, Sevan, Troels, Ingo, Kim, Johnny, Archie introduced Mina and the elements that distinguish all Dalla Corte machines – such as the professional brewing group, which provides maximum thermal stability –, as well as its innovative features.


These include the ‘yoke’ lever, which is connected with the exclusive patented DFR (Digital Flow Regulation) technology that provides a digital control over water delivery in any extraction stage.

Many visitors lowered the lever to increase the water flow to a maximum pressure of nine bar and discovered the pleasure of adjusting the extraction to reach the ideal extraction point.

This could then be achieved repeatedly through accurate manual extractions or by programming the machine to obtain consistently perfect espressos.

The prototype of a new on demand coffee grinder was also presented. It unites its small size and easiness of use with great results, since it has the burrs and technology of the other, larger models.


A workstation was also dedicated to the Orangutan Coffee, the first organic coffee production resulting from a project that aims at safeguarding the tropical forest and orang-utans in Sumatra.

Dalla Corte has been taking part in the project by providing local farmers with the equipment, as well as with consistent training and advice.

The project was presented by its co-founder Regina Frey – who had welcomed and guided over 50 participants in the dc campus that took place in Indonesia last May – and a monitor displayed several moments of that unforgettable adventure.


Silent and attentive, New York designer and illustrator Timothy Goodman caught the comments, livelihood and enthusiasm that filled the booth and turned them into pictures on a wide booth wall and creating a curious and fascinating twist of writings, drawings and symbols.

Once Host was over, what remained was the echo of the overall enthusiasm caused by Dalla Corte’s novelties and new approach.

It stays faithful to corporate principles and unites the technology, design, creativity and sustainability of its devices with the experience, creativity and passion of those who share their respect and love for coffee all over the world day after day.

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