Monday 23 May 2022

High-end espresso machine manufacturer Dalla Corte joins Italian Espresso Institute

Dalla Corte, Italian producer of semi-automatic espresso machines and grinders on demand, takes part in the project of the Italian Espresso Institute (IEI, Istituto Espresso Italiano)

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MILAN – Representing the espresso supply chain together with other major companies, Dalla Corte joins the IEI project as a manufacturer of high-end equipment in the name of high-quality espresso. Certified Italian Espresso was created to protect the craftsmanship, creativity and mastery that reside in the unique and exclusive way we drink coffee in Italy. A heritage made up of different kinds of espresso, the result of different regional traditions.

For Dalla Corte this is a value that must be preserved and passed on through training and coffee education

Which the company based in Milan has been promoting for over 20 years now. Dalla Corte has sponsored the World Latte Art Championship for 8 years and the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship for 7 years from its first edition, now they intend carrying on this mission by joining the qualified network of IEI operators who spread the culture of espresso.

According to CEO Paolo Dalla Corte, it’s fundamental that espresso culture keeps growing and is preserved as a “product of excellence” in our country: “I am proud to take on this journey with IEI” he says “a collaboration that will certainly bring benefits and advantages to both sides. Like us, IEI undertakes a policy of quality, passion and excellence, a modus operandi that we implement in our everyday work. I am sure we will do great things together, starting from 2022, a year that we hope will be positive for the coffee industry ».

La Evo rossa Dalla Corte

An exciting and engaging challenge that Dalla Corte starts with EVO2, the best-selling espresso machine in the DC range of semi-automatic machines. A first step that reinforces the message of coffee education and commitment that the company’s been promoting every day since 2001 – when it was founded – on an international scale.

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