Wednesday 07 June 2023

Dalla Corte Grinder Control System, the simplest solution for the barista

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Upholding quality and consistency is essential in chains and as a result, the machines and the people that work in such environments need to be perfectly synchronized, in order to always guarantee the best coffee and the quality of it.

Synchronisation is at the base of the coffee industry, but most importantly it is the essence of grinding.

In the process of the synchronization between machines and people, one of the most important elements is grinding, which is often overlooked. Having a grinder on demand, will improve the quality and the overall flavour and texture of the coffee the chain is serving.

Dosed to perfection

Since the coffee isn’t grinded beforehand, the coffee doesn’t lose the aroma and texture, that it would lose if grinded in bulk, and most importantly it is dosed to perfection. An extra gram of coffee would completely change the extraction result.

Dalla Corte’s Grinder Control System is an example of such seamless technology.

This automatic coffee granulometry checking system, also called GCS gives way to a connection between the machines and the dc one and dc two grinders, which interact with each other and adjust the quantities of dosage needed.

Everything is done in automatic, making sure everything is constant, extraction after extraction with no intervention from the barista.

The Grinder Control System from Dalla Corte is an essential tool if you work with different coffees and if you work in a hectic environment. It’s the freedom you always wanted: the ability of constantly making the perfect coffee whilst engaging with your customers.

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