Thursday 29 September 2022

Dalla Corte, espresso machines manufacturers since 2001, celebrate their first 20 years

2021 marks Dalla Corte’s twentieth anniversary, an important milestone that the Italian company wants to celebrate in style. It’s already been 20 years since that distant 2001 when Bruno, Paolo and Elsa Dalla Corte founded the family business. They’ve come a really long way when you think about their first laboratory in Milan, where it all began. Today Dalla Corte counts more than 50 employees and is present in over 60 countries, with thousands of coffee shops all over the world. On this journey we are going to uncover some of Dalla Corte's most important moments, we’ll discover what makes this company (now based in Baranzate (MI)) different, what drives them to always #makeitbetter – as their motto states - and what they have in store for the future

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MILAN – The history of Dalla Corte espresso machines begins in 2001, but the Dalla Corte family has been integrated in the coffee machine industry since 1947, with Bruno Dalla Corte’s first working experiences, a pioneer of Italian modern espresso. Dalla Corte espresso machines are the expression of a family tradition that always wants to offer the best on the market. Inventors of the exclusive multi-boiler technology, they were able to profoundly change a market that up to that moment had been static, by shifting the focus on the importance of temperature in extraction and creating a new technology capable of providing a consistent and precise temperature.

Evolution, the first machine designed by Dalla Corte, embodies the enthusiasm of a new beginning. Since then, the multi-boiler has been the core technology of all DC machines.

In 2010, the company moved to the industrial heart of Baranzate, in the outskirts of Milan

To meet the space requirements that an expanding company needed. All Dalla Corte espresso machines are Made in Italy, using high-quality materials and absolute attention to details.

In 2015 with Mina, Dalla Corte introduces flow profiling, a new revolutionary parameter that acts on the most important stage in espresso extraction: pre-infusion. With XT’s launch in 2017, this technology is further simplified with a new manual flow regulator.

Not just technologies for the professional market

2019 marks Studio debut, ideal for the home segment and for home baristas who require high performance levels and ease of use. The latest addition to Dalla Corte is Zero, a combination of futuristic design and cutting-edge technology for the high-end market.

Dalla Corte: Not just machines

Always promoters of creativity and training, Dalla Corte sponsors the World Latte Art Championship for 8 years, and has been involved in the thrilling World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship for 7 years since its first edition.

Coffee education has always been one of the company’s main goals. The new training center Officina Dalla Corte at the company’s headquarters in Baranzate (MI), wants to carry on Dalla Corte’s quest of spreading live-learn-share values.

Dalla Corte is also very mindful of the environment

Sustainability is a very important part of the company’s mission. In coffee-producing country Indonesia, an ambitious project by Dalla Corte has provided farmers with the tools to start a more sustainable farming, respecting nature and animals that are increasingly subject to deforestation for palm oil cultivation. The company is also the first-ever espresso machine manufacturer in the world to use lead-free materials on all their products and is ready to begin compensating all carbon emissions starting 2022.

XX Anniversary

Paolo Dalla Corte is still the CEO and chief engineer of a business that was born with the ambition of becoming a renowned brand for innovation and its values. To celebrate this important milestone, Dalla Corte has decided to produce a limited series of the Zero Barista espresso machine – bearer of the iF design Award seal of quality – in an exclusive Anniversary version.

Each Zero Anniversary will be accompanied by a special label attesting that the machine is a unique piece, part of a limited edition of numbered machines signed by the specialized technician who assembled that machine. Furthermore, all Dalla Corte espresso machines produced from July 2021 to July 2022 will be equipped with a representative symbol of this 20 year-anniversary.

Follow the Anniversary campaign on all Dalla Corte social media platforms to discover a preview of the new limited edition machines Zero Barista Anniversary.

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