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Dalla Corte announces world premiere of new espresso machine Studio

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RIMINI, Italy – At the 40th edition of Sigep, scheduled from 19th to 23rd of January 2019, Dalla Corte (Pav. D1-149) will once again take the stage with a world premiere: their new espresso machine Studio.

The new addition to the Dalla Corte family, has an elegant design and highly technological features, which are the result of years of experience in the production of professional coffee machines.

Studio, a term that encompasses research and dedication, represents the values of Dalla Corte and its “Make It Better” philosophy.

Ready whenever you need it, thanks to its programmed activation system that activates at the desired time, it is a small professional machine developed for a domestic environment.

A simplified outer layout makes the different features more accessible with an easy interface and ease of maintenance with a sole lever, one may choose a single, double or continuous dose.

The simple display makes sure that all the machine’s parameters are constantly under control: set up the desired temperature and extraction time, with an intuitive and minimalistic display.

Studio is also equipped with a powerful and precise steam wand, capable of delivering the perfect steam for cappuccinos and flat white. For this reason, the Studios which will be at the booth will host the sixth edition of  “Show Us Your Art”, a contest dedicated to beginners of the latte art world.

After a brief training with our experts, the participants will have to make a cappuccino with a design. The cup will then be photographed and published on our social media platforms: the cappuccino with most likes wins the exclusive course which will be held by Andrea Antonelli and Street Coffee School.

Studio won’t be the only protagonist at Sigep: at booth D1-149, you will be able to taste some exceptional specialty coffee on Dalla Corte’s professional espresso machine, the XT, taste all the incredible aromas in the cup thanks to her flow control, enjoy a true coffee experience. Coffee Pros will guide visitors through a sensory path of fragrances, flavours and incredible extractions.

A unique opportunity to discover all of Dalla Corte’s news and discover the many facets of coffee.

Roasters which will be at Dalla Corte’s booth:

Saturday 19th January

Morning: La Sosta e Genovese Coffee

Afternoon: Caffè Italia

Sunday 20th January

Morning: Griso

Afternoon: La Sosta e Genovese Coffee

Monday 21st January

All day: Terraroma

Tuesday 22nd January

Morning: His Majesty the Coffee

Afternoon: Garage

Wednesday 23rd January

All day: La Sosta e Genovese Coffee

The special guest on all of the machines, for Sigep 2019, will be Gearbox coffee.

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