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Dalgona Coffee: The newest coffee craze that is taking New Zealand by storm

Dalgona coffee
Dalgona Coffee (Wikimedia Commons)

MILAN – If you tried out the Tik-Tok famous ‘dalgona coffee’ during last year’s lockdown, you’re not alone. The whipped coffee drink sparked a global phenomenon. It’s made using a few simple ingredients; some type of instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk. You add the coffee, sugar, and water into a bowl and whip it up using electric beaters. It’s as easy as that. Then simply add milk, and your whipped concoction is ready to drink.

However, there is a new coffee trend in town which is Scandinavia’s answer to dalgona coffee; Norwegian Egg Coffee. This coffee drink is popular in many parts of Scandinavia and is essentially coffee made with an egg. That’s right; an entire egg is cracked into coffee grounds, mixed together, and then brewed.

The idea behind this unique drink is that the egg acts as a filter for the coffee grounds, as it causes them to stick together. Essentially, it’s a way of creating a self-filtering coffee that doesn’t require a fancy French press.

Once brewed, cold water is added to force the egg and coffee mixture to sink to the bottom of the vessel you’re using. Then you can pour out your perfectly brewed coffee without getting any egg or grounds in your mug.

Apparently, Norwegians first added an egg to coffee to offset the natural bitterness of the coffee bean. However, these days, you’re not really drinking egg in your coffee when you brew it this way.

While it’s certainly an interesting idea, it’s probably unlikely to take off as much as the more palatable dalgona coffee did. Coffee and egg might be a little too far-fetched even for the Tik-Tok generation. Most New Zealanders will probably stick to their usual Nespresso-style coffee pods instead.