Sunday 03 July 2022

Cypher Urban Roastery secures rare coffee lot at auction in a bid to bring the finest of Yemeni coffee to the UAE

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DUBAI, UAE – Cypher Urban Roastery has secured a rare coffee lot at The Best of Yemen auction in a bid to bring the finest of authentic Yemeni coffee to the UAE. The event organized by the Alliance of Coffee Excellence (ACE) and Yemen based none-profit Qima Coffee, is the third and largest instalment of the Private Collection Auction series in Yemen.

It aims to support the livelihoods of rural Yemeni growers and smallholder farmers to create equitable trade in cultivating and hand harvesting specialty coffee.

Beating out buyers from 12 countries, Cypher Urban Roastery successfully secured a rare lot from Akamat Hizb, a small farming community of 15 families nestled in the Mountains of Haraaz. “For the past couple of years Cypher has been very selective in purchasing unique Yemeni lots that will truly represent the exquisite quality of the Yemeni cup profile.

Our clients have a deep appreciation for high quality lots that encompass indulging aromas and complex flavors. We are confident that this specific lot will satisfy their sensory requirements and that they will genuinely enjoy it.” explains Mohammed Merhi, Owner of Cypher Urban Roastery.

Yemen lays claim to the birth of the coffee industry and is among the oldest and most highly praised coffee in the world. Ravaged by war, this fragile economy has been heavily impacted by conflict, resulting in a reduction of coffee exports and inflated prices.

The social impact of coffee in Yemen was a contributing factor in Cypher Urban Roastery’s decision to purchase the lot. “Our hope is that through this initiative, we can support the livelihoods of rural Yemini coffee farmers and their families, not only in the short term but also in the long term through a scaled and efficiently developed value chain that can be an important employment generator and stability promoter in the country.” Says Mohammed Merhi.

Headquartered in Dubai, Cypher Urban Roastery is deeply committed to the promotion of fair-trade practices across the bean life cycle with an emphasis on quality, transparency, consistency, and social responsibility. Their commitment to raise awareness over Yemeni heritage and the human aspect behind every batch of beans is inherent to their DNA.

Cypher Urban Roastery is most widely known for their specialty coffee that services the growing needs and taste requirements of regional wholesale consumers and specialty coffee drinkers. They are firm believers in engaging and educating whole communities from farmers to brewers and nurturing strong relationships across the coffee supply chain by providing support and education to businesses and likeminded people. Their goal is to not only provide delicious and high-quality coffee, but also to equip and empower their partners in the coffee community so that they in turn can contribute to the value chain.

The coffee is finally available to purchase online from Tuesday February 15th at

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