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Creative Brands unveils new brand committed to providing clean water

PHOENIX, Arizona, U.S. – Beginning in the summer of 2017, Phoenix based gift company Creative Brands will launch Sips, a new brand of drinkware, in six market cities.

Products include glassware, ceramics, water bottles, dish towels and many more accessories to ensure that Sips is a one-stop shop for all drinkware needs.

Additionally, a portion of every sale will be donated to charities that promote access to clean drinking water to villages in rural Uganda.

Sips products are created using high quality materials–such as stainless steel and bone china– and feature creative designs that appeal to a wide base of consumers.

Accessories such as stir sticks, snack dishes and bottle openers are adorned with cheeky phrases to help guide customers from their morning coffee through their evening glass of beer. Sips brings high-end essentials to market at an affordable price point for consumers.

Creative Brands CEO Paul DiGiovanni noted, “We’ve had a lot of fun designing these products. I am really proud of the creativity our team has shown, and I can’t wait to watch this brand thrive. I know that people are going to love it.”

Sips was created in 2017 after a Creative Brands employee shared her story of growing up without reliable access to water in Uganda.

DiGiovanni knew that he could use the company to help address this crisis. He decided that proceeds from Sips will be donated to help fund the drilling of wells in Uganda.

DiGiovanni added, “I couldn’t stop thinking about Justine’s story, and I knew that we could use Creative Brands to help solve this problem, all while delivering a high quality product to market. Our customers can know that they are helping make a difference for so many.”

Creative Brands is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with manufacturing facilities, a call center and a distribution center in Lewisburg Tennessee and a buying office in Hong Kong.