Wednesday 07 December 2022

COTECA – Cooperation Partnership signed with WKF

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HAMBURG, Germany – COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo has gained another cooperation partner for 2014. In future it will have the support of the German Association of Herbal and Fruit Infusions (WKF) for COTECA Hamburg.

The market for herbal and fruit infusions has been growing for years – in 2012 alone, German consumption of herbal and fruit infusions reached a total of 12.6 billion cups.

“We are delighted that we reflect the whole range at our expo – in the tea sector we now have not only the German Tea Association but also the WKF with us as partners of COTECA,” says Claudia Johannsen, COTECA Project Director.

“Herbal and fruit infusions now account for more than two thirds of the German tea market, and are highly regarded beverages in more and more countries thanks to their diversity,” said Dr. Monika Beutgen, Managing Director of WKF. “The trade welcomes the creation of COTECA as a key forum held in Hamburg, which is a vital hub of trade in our sector.”

COTECA has many strong partners – alongside the German Tea Association and WKF, other concept supporters are the German Coffee Association and the German Cocoa Trade Association. COTECA has already established a strong position after just two events, and has advanced to become the European meeting point of the global coffee, tea and cocoa trades.

COTECA 2012 attracted some 3,000 delegates from all parts of the world to find out about new products and current developments in the coffee, tea and cocoa sectors. A particularly positive feature of this event was the extent of participation of international exhibitors and visitors, and the high quality of specialist information.


COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo will be held at the Hamburg Fair site from 24 to 26 September 2014, with opening hours 10:00 to 18.00. It is Europe’s only trade fair for coffee, tea and cocoa covering the whole process chain from raw materials to finished products. COTECA is accompanied by a high-quality conference addressing the future of the markets for coffee, tea and cocoa.

The concept supporters of COTECA are the German Coffee Association, the German Tea Association, the German Association of Herbal and Fruit Infusions (WKF), and the German Cocoa Trade Association. More information at:

About the German Association of Herbal and Fruit Infusions (WKF)

The German Association of Herbal and Fruit Infusions (WKF) was founded in Hamburg in 1997 and represents the interests of its member companies in all technical and economic matters related to import, production, packaging, distribution and public relations work for herbal and fruit infusions. WKF’s main activities are in food law and food knowledge, and nutritional physiology.

Its membership of WKF includes the leading companies in the sector, representing more than 90% of the market. WKF is a member of the European Herbal Infusions Association (EHIA). More information is available at

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