Thursday 09 February 2023

Costa Rican producers aim to increase their share in the South Korean coffee market

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The Costa Rican coffee industry readies to take part in the Coffee Expo 2018, which is scheduled in Seoul from Apr. 5-8. The of Embassy of Costa Rica in Seoul, Costa Rica Coffee and Costa Rica Foreign Trade Promoter, Procomer, have collaborated to bring together a successful trade delegation to South Korea, where Costa Rica supplies 4.5% of all coffee.

In fact, several coffee producers and exporters are participating to the event to expand their networks with Korean buyers and consumers.

Costa Rican exhibitors will also stage coffee-making sessions and presentations on the country’s sustainable production methods.

A market worth more than USD10 billion

Korea’s domestic coffee market reached 11.7 trillion South Korean won ($10.8 billion) last year, and the demand for the beverage continues to rise.

The figure is more than triple the amount of 3 trillion won a decade ago, and translates into 26.5 billion cups last year at an average 512 cups per person.

Students of quality

“Korean consumers look for highly specialized flavors. They are students of quality,” said Mario Arroyo, promotion and information manager at the Costa Rica Coffee Institute. “As they like to know where the coffee comes from, our focus on traceability and sustainability will help Costa Rican coffee gain a stable footing in the Korean market.”

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