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Converge Direct sheds over 12,000 plastic k-cups from its office by switching to Tayst

LONG BEACH, New York, U.S. –  Converge Direct is saying “bottoms up” to a new way of offering coffee to their employees. One simple, yet hugely impactful change to provide that much-needed workday pick-me-up is shaking up not only on those who enjoy the beverage but the environment as well… in a positive and planet-changing way.

Earth-friendly and delicious, Tayst coffee is changing the way companies like Converge Direct, a direct marketing company that specializes in developing comprehensive marketing strategies through ROI-based media planning consume coffee.

When companies change their buying habits to reflect their concern for the Earth, even when it comes to something as basic as coffee, the cumulative effect is as strong as even the boldest blend of rich and robust Tayst.

Converge Direct formerly used the single-serve K-Cups to satisfy their worker’s coffee habits. The perk was appreciated, but the waste was of concern.

Considering that the average office of 30-40 people can easily consume 1,000 K-Cups per month which equals 4 cubic feet, this creates enough waste to fill an entire office cubicle! Take that into a year’s time, and 12,000 of K-Cups are being used, which comes to 40 cubic feet!

Multiply that fact with offices nation- and world-wide. Landfills are overloaded with environment-damaging garbage. Converge Direct has potentially helped save 30 cubic feet of landfill, and when more and more offices make the switch, this will have a significant impact on the Earth.

Tayst is effectively eliminating approximately 100,000,000 plastic single-serve cups from these landfills. It’s no wonder companies like Converge Direct are making the smart switch.

Tayst, which uses PurPod100™ 100% certified compostable pods was the solution for Converge Direct.

They can still have the convenience and freshness of single-serve pods with the peace of mind that they’re doing right for the world. When disposed of properly, the pods create compost that returns valuable nutrients to the soil.

Tayst makes it easy for companies like Converge Direct to make the switch to their brand and associated going-green values.

The online subscription service allows companies to order as much coffee they’d like delivered per month, with a variety of flavors and styles to choose from. Orders can be adjusted at any time and delivery is convenient with Earth-friendly packaging.

Thanks to the change workers at Converge Direct noticed and appreciated in the office, Managing Director Steven Jacoby said, “The folks in the office loved Tayst so much that they’re ordering it for their home too. We love that we’re leading by example and the small changes will have a life-changing effect.”

Offering coffee is an enticing office perk and a wonderful way to attract and retain employees.

They save money by enjoying coffee provided by the employer and performance is increased. This protects the environment even further when they needn’t go out to drive seeking a cup of coffee.

Plus, with the benefits to the Earth created by Tayst, eco-conscious workers feel more positive about their work environment. It reaches the core values for companies like Converge Direct.

Going green never tasted so good. Superior quality, eco-friendly packaging, innovative thinking. Try Tayst for yourself and make the change for a greater cup of coffee.

Challenging the $100 billion coffee industry, Tayst Coffee packages sustainably sourced Amazing Coffee into the world’s first 100% Compostable pods. Earth-friendly packaging brings you your coffee fix on a monthly subscription. To experience Tayst Coffee visit www.tayst.com.