Wednesday 01 February 2023

Comunicaffe International launching a Facebook private group on all things coffee to share news and discussions

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MILAN – Have you an announcement, event, picture, comment you would like to share about coffee, cocoa or tea? Now you can do it on Comunicaffe International ‘s Facebook private group here.

This private group was created with the intention of offering a space where every coffee enthusiast can express themselves as a protagonist by sharing news, thoughts or by opening discussions with other members.

Of course, you can also contact us on our email address, if you wish to publish your contents on the portal and our daily newsletter reaching tens of thousands of professionals around the globe.

Be a part of our growing coffee community, share comments and ideas, help us tell new stories about the amazing world of coffee.

Here is the link:

Comunicaffe International coffee community

Comunicaffè enters directly in the computers of nearly 25,000 professionals in Italy and more than 85,000 in the world: coffee producers, traders green, broker, roasters, investors in the future, …

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