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COFFEE COMPETITIONS – SCAE France Championship Results

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The SCAE France Championships were held in France Paris ( Villepinte ) associated with a very professional and warm atmosphere. Here are  the results:

Championship winners France Barista

– 1st prize: Luca Casadei – Champion of France ( Segafredo )

– 2nd Prize : Kevin Ayers (custom)

– 3rd Prize : Charlotte Malaval (BBS)

luca-casadei SCAE France Championship

Luca Casadei – photo credits: SCAE France

Winners of the Championship of France Cup Taster

– 1st prize: Sebastian Maurer – Champion of France (Café Sati )

– 2nd prize: Sadri Adibi (Cafés Mokxa ) – 3rd prize: François Canivet Championship winners France Latte Art

– 1st prize: Magdalena Bronzinska – Champion France (Café Lomi )

– 2nd prize: Anthony Calvez (Cafés Richard )

– 3rd prize: Mati Parrotlets (Cafés Custom )

Winners of the Championship of France Coffee in Good Spirit

– 1st prize: Nir Chouchana – Champion of France (Van Hoos )

– 2nd prize: Roberto Cuccurullo (360 Bartending )

– 3rd Prize : Laurent Baron ( Monbana )

Championship winners France Brews

– 1st prize: Dinh Phong – Champion of France

– 2nd Prize : Sébastien Racineux ( Espressologie )

– 3rd prize: Chung- Leng Tran ( Fragments )

For the record, the winners of these championships qualify to represent France at the WCE -World Coffee Events in Melbourne , Australia, from 15 to 18 May 2014 , which will host the final championship World Cup Taster’s , World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits .

WCE World Championships and World Barista Brewer ‘s Cup will be held in Rimini, Italy, from June 9 to 12, 2014 .

Source: Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

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