Wednesday 29 March 2023

Coming up on the Coffee Knowledge Hub in July and a teaser for rest of the year

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MILAN – As we roll to towards the Summer holiday and a little downtime, the Coffee Knowledge Hub is busy planning courses and activities for the rest of the year. Let’s start with what’s coming up in July and then give you a teaser for rest of the year. The Coffee Knowledge Hub (CKH) is an all-new platform where the coffee community can learn, connect and discover the latest education, research and trends in the coffee industry. Through partnerships with industry leading providers, such as Cup of Excellence, Coffee Sensorium, CQI, SCA, and more, it offers over 30 courses, including science, business, barista skills, sensory, roasting, and technical skills.

Feature Course

Cup of Excellence Sensory Education Training – if you love tasting delicious coffees and want to improve your cupping skills by learning the CoE cupping protocols and scoring system, this course is for you. Coffees are sent worldwide and you can cup in the comfort of your own labs, or kitchen.

Application Deadline: 27 July – The CKH needs time to confirm registrations and ensure coffee gets to you

Course start date: August 6

Special offer from Cup of Excellence:

  • buy 3 or more get 20% off total purchase
  • buy 10 or more and get 40% off
  • ACE members – €75 off the course price
  • Friends and family, past students get €40 off

Please email for a code to redeem these benefits.


How to build your coffee career part 2 is now available.

Part one is here, in case you missed it. Learn how to build the coffee career you dream of.

How to preserve plant-based drinks from the dairy milk protein contamination?

Researchers at the University of Camerino questioned whether there is cross-contamination of dairy milk proteins in soy mylk, when using common practices in the cafe to prepare the milks.

The results are surprising and highlight that we need to be careful when preparing and serving alternative mylks and dairy milk in cafes if we are going to protect our customers from allergens.

Update your profile, create a CV on the Coffee Knowledge Hub

One of the favourite features of the CKH is that by updating your Profile, you create a CV.

How to create your CV on CKH

Coming up on the CKH, new courses from these legends…stay tuned.

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