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Colombia ’s coffee production surged 25.3% in July, exports were up 7.6%

MILAN – Colombia ’s coffee production in July amounted to 1.31 million bags, up 25.3% from the same month of 2018, the National Federation of Coffee Growers reported on Monday. The increase was due to a delayed harvest, the federation said, increasing the amount of coffee picked last month.

Coffee production rose by 5.4% during the first seven months of 2019 nearing 8 million bags. In the last twelve months, production reached 13.967 million bags, slightly down (-0.4%) on year.

Exports last month rose 7.6% to 1.15 million bags, compared with July 2018.
Shipments during the Jan-July period totalled 7.7 million bags, up 9.5% on year. In the last twelve months, Colombia exported 13.4 million bags, up 4.2%.

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