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Coind Group to become the first company to produce “Zero Impact” coffee in Italy

The industrial group has signed up to CNG’s Climate Neutral Coffee Certified programme for its brands and private label productions

Coind zero impact coffee

CASTEL MAGGIORE, Italy – Coind Group is set to become in 2020 the first company in Italy to produce coffee with zero impact on the climate. The company, based in Castel Maggiore (Bologna), is leader in Italy in the production of private label coffee and direct producer of some of its own brands (Meseta, Attibassi, Carracci, Soleado) and has joined the programme of the Dutch group Climate Neutral Group (CGN) to obtain a “Climate Neutral Coffee Certified”, that is a coffee with a neutral impact on the planet’s climate, recognized by a specific certification.

In the coming months Coind will activate the initial steps for offsetting emissions by financing the reforestation of some areas in Brazil.

This will be only the first action. In fact Coind’s goal is not only to measure and offset emissions, but to intervene on the whole coffee production cycle, from the plantation to the shelf, to increasingly reduce its emissions.

For the calculation, the project takes into consideration different life stages of the product: coffee cultivation, production, packaging, transport and distribution. The “Climate Neutral” certification, with a specific logo affixed to the packaging, will testify to the Coind Group’s adhesion to the project.

The path towards the production of zero impact coffee begins for Coind with the line of Nespresso compatible capsules under the Meseta brand, which will be certified starting from 2021 and, subsequently, with other proprietary brand products. Membership in the programme and certification can now also be requested by the customers who rely on Coind for the creation of their private labels.

“Coind has always paid attention to the issue of sustainability” declares the company president Luca Cioffi. “Today, with this new project that was born together with CNG, we are taking a fundamental step forward: not only towards the market, but above all towards the environment”.

“Becoming climate neutral we are giving a real contribution to the health of the environment and doing our part so that the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda can be achieved to combat climate change,” Cioffi concludes.

The verification of the “Climate Neutral” certification is carried out by independent institutes.

Find out more about Coind: www.coind.it/en/

Find out more about Climate Neutral: www.climateneutralcertification.com – www.climateneutralgroup.com