Thursday 07 July 2022

CoffeeBuyDirect donates coffee to Regional Food Bank frontline workers in LA

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US — CoffeeBuyDirect, a coffee wholesaler-distributor, from Los Angeles launched a Kickstarter campaign to fundraise their new drip coffee line and had finally ended. SK Ang, the owner, had been in the coffee business for over 20 years and technology was always a big challenge. He never thought he could do it and did not know fundraising online could take him to a wider spectrum of audience.

With the help of his very small mighty team, he received good feedback throughout the fundraising process and was deeply gratified with the backers’ support. The new product line, DIY Drip Coffee, is made and handcrafted locally. The coffee beans are sourced from Colombia, one of the world best coffee origins.

The herbal extracts in the coffee, Ganoderma Lucidum often known as Reishi mushroom and the Ginseng are whole plants.

These ingredients are highly popular and in demand especially during the pandemic. Reishi mushroom and Ginseng are commonly use in the Southeast Asian culture from dietary consumption to beauty skin care products. The purpose of the creating this new coffee profile is to offer the extra energy boost and enough brain fuel without feeling the coffee jittery.

In return, CoffeeBuyDirect made a pledge to donate coffee to frontline workers in Los Angeles County for those who backed the DIY Drip Coffee project. SK has been wanting to reciprocate and express gratitude to the essential workers at the LA Regional Food Bank regional office in Los Angeles and to those who stood outdoor rain or shine passing food to hungry and struggling families, especially the ones were hit hard by the pandemic.

These frontline and essential workers in our community show us vigilance and motivates us to stay resilient in 2020 that kept us all stronger together in 2021 making a milestone moving closer to normalcy again.

DIY Drip Coffee will be available in the market and sold on CoffeeBuyDirect Amazon store in mid-June 2021.

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