Coffee Trick brand goes Social

Coffee Trick Brand has taken its product to Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest

Coffee Trick is pleased to announce, that the company has recognized the value of social networking in its marketing campaign. Accordingly, the Coffee Trick has taken its product to the various social networking sites.

These include Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. Customers will be able to connect on each of these social networking sites.


Facebook page ( is the best way for customers to get the latest news, as well as information about current and upcoming discounts on the powerful battery-operated milk frother.

The company has also created a YouTube video channel where videos are uploaded. Full instructions are provided on how to use the stainless steel hand-held frother.

The video on the Coffee Trick YouTube channel ( demonstrates the product in action and shows how easy it is to create a delicious latte at home. The Pinterest page is active, too.

A company spokesperson explained to an interviewer recently Coffee Trick appreciate the interaction it has with customers.

By joining the social networks, the brand sees an exciting way to improve the connection with customers. Sitting down with a Facebook page and checking the images and posts is like having coffee with friends around the kitchen table.