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COFFEE TRADE STATISTICS – Exports slightly up in calendar year 2014

World coffee exports amounted to 8.85 million bags in December 2014, compared with 8.83 million bags in December 2013. Shipments of Colombian Milds and Robusta were up 4.33% and 9.9% on year, while Brazilian Naturals and Other Milds fell 6.87% and 10.39%.

Exports in first three months of coffee year 2014/15 (Oct/14 to Dec/14) have fallen by 0.8% in comparison with the first three months of the last coffee year.

In the twelve months ending December 2014, exports rose slightly to 111.73 million bags (+0.58%). Sales of Arabica totalled 68.26 million bags compared to 68.53 million bags last year, down 0.39%, whereas Robusta exports amounted to 43.47 million bags compared to 42.55 million bags, up 2.15%.

Shipments from Brazil and Vietnam rose to unprecedented levels reaching a volume of 36.26 and 25 million bags, a 15% and 22% increase respectively.

Colombia’s strong recovery continued apace, with export nearing 11 million bags, while Indonesia’s shipments more than halved (-58.2%) to 4.55 million bags.

In Central America exports rose in Honduras (+1.8%) and Nicaragua (+14.44%), while Costa Rica (-9.85%), Guatemala (-14.81%) and El Salvador (-61.03%) saw a decline in shipments. Mexico was also significantly down on year (-21.83%).

In Africa, Ethiopia’s shipments surged 9.29% compared with 2013, whereas Uganda and Côte d’Ivoire were down 6.25% and 19.32%.

Among non-members, Peru recorded a steep fall (-27.2%) to 2.9 million bags.

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