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COFFEE RECIPES – Coffee caramel Creme Brulée

A deliciuos recipe by Paula Jones taken from the gastronomy blog “bell’alimento”.

Creme Brulée is one of my half dozen go to desserts (and my second favorite all time dessert next to Tiramisu). There’s a reason it’s on my short go to list. Besides being spoon licking good, It’s EASY.

Yes it may sound all fancy schmancy (despite it’s literal translation of burnt cream) but it doesn’t require any special equipment. You of course CAN use a blow torch which is fun and all but you honestly don’t have to have one.

You can use your broiler in a pinch.

Other highlights, it can be made well in advance (in my opinion it’s better when it’s made the night before and you won’t be rushing because time got away from you while you were chasing a rabbit down a Pinterest hole. What? Only me. Okay.) and last but not least you can flavor it until the cows come home.

Today’s flavor comes to us via our Homemade Coffee Caramel Sauce. A few tablespoons mixed into the warm cream and oh sweet creamy mamma is this one a winner winner.

So grab a whisk and a few Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs (this way you can taste the goodness as you go with no worries) and whip up a batch of these oh la la beauties this week.

NOTE: Our recipe makes enough for 6-8 depending on what size ramekins you use (and well because we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to creme brulee) it can easily be halved if you’re looking for a smaller scale. I mean if you’re into that, or you could just invite me over.