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Coffee merchant supports charity to plant trees in Haiti communities

ALBERTA, Canada — L’Ouverture Coffee would like to announce the launch of their product. The company offers premium and high-quality coffee guaranteed to satisfy the desires of any coffee drinkers.

Their dark roast, whole grain coffee is 100% Arabic and Organic, and it offers low acidity and nutty sweet flavor. The coffee is sold online and is delivered to customers at their homes.

L’Ouverture Coffee is also involved in planting trees. They give away a portion of their profit to a Haiti charity that employs impoverished people to plant trees in their communities.

“Our mission at L’Ouverture Coffee is to first deliver top quality coffee to coffee lovers all over the world. Also, we’re working with a charity in Haiti to create employment and at the same time help transform the environment for a better future. The trees our partners are planting will add to the fight against climate change, one tree at a time. We want everyone to join us in this mission to transform the world and make it a better place for the next generation,” said Junior Jay Racine, a representative of L’Ouverture Coffee Ltd.

L’Ouverture Coffee is a top quality coffee made with love, commitment, and passion. Their coffee selection called Global Citizen is in five variations, sourced from five different countries in the world.

They have the Brazilian coffee, grown over 1,000 meters above sea level. There is Colombian coffee with an undertone of citrus acid and rich taste, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with a smooth floral aroma, and Costa Rican coffee, with sharp and crisp acidity taste. Coffee lovers can also shop for the Haitian Blue Pine Forest coffee, with rich and smooth flavor.

L’Ouverture Coffee works with Eden Reforestation Project, a charity organization in Haiti. For every bag of coffee bought on the website, the company sends part of their profit to the charity to hire Haitians to plant trees in their communities.

About L’Ouverture Coffee Ltd

L’Ouverture Coffee is a company created to save the lives of millions who are impoverished. Their collection of coffee is sold online and part of the profit from it is used to support the planting of trees, with a goal to plant 3 million trees by 2028.