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Philippine coffee featured for first time at Global Coffee Expo in Seattle

WASHINGTON, DC, U.S. – For the first time in Philippine coffee history, Philippine coffee varieties from different production areas were cupped and graded by certified Q graders from across the globe following the cupping protocol of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

U.S. specialty roasters commit to increase coffee imports from Kenya

SEATTLE, U.S. – American roasters are expected to raise coffee purchases from Kenya by a quarter after the country showcased its produce in the ongoing symposium in Seattle, US. Coffee Directorate made a pitch for Kenya’s specialty coffee during the exhibition to have the US, which pays a premium price for the commodity ...

Quindío coffee lot receives top price at International auction in Colombia

ARMENIA, Quindío, Colombia – At the international auction of the National Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity”, Mr. Chen Zhenhua, from Shangai, purchased Eduardo Villota's coffee at a top price of US$ 31 per pound. Mr. Villota's coffee was grown at Hacienda San Alberto, located in ...

Commodities group sees Brazilian production down by 20 percent in 2017/18

MILAN – Coffee production in Brazil is likely to drop between 15 and 20 percent on year due to the off-year in the biennial cycle, according to Joseph Reiner - global head of coffee for Chinese commodities group COFCO. The estimate is based on a field survey led by the company’s research team in the past weeks.

Brazil: Quotes of Robusta coffee drop 5.4% in April according to Cepea

SAO PAULO, Brazil – Quotes of Robusta coffee dropped in the Brazilian market in the first fortnight of April, pressed down mainly by the harvesting advance in Rondônia, the nearness of harvesting activities in Espírito Santo and the return of the Funrural (Rural Workers' Assistance Fund) charge.

Coffee is the first ambassador of Colombia in the world, says FNC head

BOGOTA, Colombia – Colombian coffee is known around the world – especially in the United States – the name Juan Valdez is synonymous with quality. The iconic farmer and his donkey Conchita were born out of a clever marketing campaign by the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) that created an icon out of the moustachioed ...

Vietnam’s export value remains low, says Coffee & Cocoa Association

DAK LAK, Vietnam – The coffee export volume from Vietnam accounts for 20 percent of the world’s market, but the export value just accounts for 2 percent, according to the Vietnam Coffee & Cocoa Association (Vicofa). For every one kilo of coffee, Vietnam can only pocket 10 percent of the value, while the remaining value goes to foreign companies.

Mexico’s coffee production last season was the lowest in 20 years

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Ongoing problems for Mexican coffee producers have resulted in the worst year ever for the industry with total output during the 2015-2016 harvest season of just over 2 million 69-kilogram sacks. During their heyday some 20 years ago, cafetaleros produced around 6.5 million sacks of coffee beans.

Indonesians are drinking more coffee, local output remains uncertain

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Every year, the archipelago is jockeying with Colombia for the title of “the world’s third largest coffee producer.” As the country’s middle-class has grown in recent years – and local demand for coffee continues to rise – the price consumers pay in the supermarket for their favourite bag of ground arabica depends on rainfall in Indonesia.

Robusta prices back to mid-February levels; harvesting starts in Rondônia

SAO PAULO, Brazil – Robusta coffee prices recovered in the domestic market in March and the CEPEA/ESALQ Index of robusta type 6, screen 13, Espírito Santo State, returned to levels observed in mid-February. Robusta valuation is attributed to higher demand for the variety from the coffee roasters in Brazil ...