Tuesday 04 October 2022

Coffee is the most traded commodity at the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Ethiopia Commodity Exchange traded 29,415 tons of coffee, 28,929 tons of sesame seed, 5,660 tons of white pea beans, and 1,627 tons of green mung beans worth ETB 3.3 billion in the month of February 2018.

During the month, coffee took the highest share scoring 45% in volume and 630/o in value followed by sesame. Export coffee trade dominated the market by contributing 59 % of the volume and 54 % of the value, followed by specialty and local coffees in row.

As much as 15,789 tons of unwashed export coffee had been transacted for ETB 983 million and Jimma shined with 37% of the volume of the category. Moreover 1,671 tons of washed export coffee had been transacted for ETB 128 million.

In addition, 4,093 tons of local consumption of coffee was traded for ETB 231 million. A total of 7,863 tons of washed and unwashed specialty coffee had been traded for ETB 731 million.

Moreover, a total of 28,929 tons of sesame seed had been traded in the same monih for l.lbillion ETB where Whitish Humera/Gondar sesame took higher share of the market scoring 71% and 72o/o in terms of trade volume and value respectively.

When compared to last year same period, the volume and value have been increased by 12o/o and 57% respectively.

Green Mung beans outshined the trade performance of the month by showing a significant growth rate of 80% and 107o/o in trade volume and value respectively when compared to the month of January 2018.

In addition, the average price rate of green mung beans has shown 13% increase, meanwhile, a total of 5,660 white pea beans was traded with the value of ETB 88 million.

Out of this a total of 5,470 tons round white pea beans had been transacted for ETB 86 million.

When paralleled with last year’s same period, the value and volume of the trade of white pea beans have increased by 63% and 73% respectively. The average price has also increased by 2%.

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