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Coffee Holding reports launch of new single cup Café Caribe items

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STATEN ISLAND, New York, U.S. — Coffee Holding Co., Inc. (the “Company”) today announced the launch of their new single cup Café Caribe items, available in traditional Café Caribe brand and a bold dark Colombian flavor profile.

“We are excited to add these two new products to the most popular and bestselling brand within our portfolio,” said Andrew Gordon, President and CEO of the Company.

“Café Caribe is our company’s flagship brand, satisfying the Latin consumer for over 50 years. Our new single serve Café Caribe items will continue to serve this same consumer along with those consumers who desire the convenience of their own personal single serve espresso coffee. We intend to market these products to our customers who currently carry other items as well as marketing them for sale on our company’s web store.

We are excited to continue to grow our brand and will continue to explore new opportunities to capitalize on our brand’s increasingly strong position in the Latino coffee market while adapting to the ever changing consumer consumption patterns in our constantly evolving coffee space,” continued Mr. Gordon.