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Coffee for People, People for Coffee, Efico Foundation celebrates 15 years

ANTWERP, Jordan – Exactly 15 years ago, the EFICO Foundation was launched. The Foundation illustrates the EFICO Group’s commitment to sustainable development.

Established as a private foundation, the EFICO Foundation’s goal is to positively impact coffee farmers’ livelihoods, prosperity and environment. The multi-stakeholder approach adopted is unique and is a dynamic tool to foster partnerships and innovation in the coffee supply chain, multiplying impact.


The EFICO Foundation is about people – from coffee farmers, their families and local communities to coffee consumers purchasing a sustainable product.

The impact after 15 years

  • 69 projects supported in 17 producing countries
  • Over 2 million EUR invested
  • 31,300 direct beneficiaries: coffee farmers, women, youngsters and children
  • Indirectly generating a positive impact on the lives of over 92,500 coffee families (1 family = by average 4-6 members)
  • 128 partners directly involved in the projects and additionally 81 indirect partnerships
  • More than 60 coffee roasters partner with us to make a difference
  • Lessons learned are shared with our partners, amongst whom Global Coffee Platform & Sustainable Coffee Challenge

Next Steps

To continue making a difference by supporting multi-stakeholder projects in coffee producing countries with the aim to improve hereby the livelihoods of many. The Foundation also aims to continue being a catalyst, federating partnerships in the sector.

For 2018-2020, focus areas are knowledge transfer, sustainable income increase for farmers, and adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

We are happy and proud to look back on the positive impact of 70 projects in 17 producing countries on the daily lives of the coffee families” says the Foundation in a press release.

With the current low coffee prices, it now is more than ever important to support coffee farmers in the many challenges they face. 

We especially want to thank you as our partner for your trust and support. Without you this would not have been possible.