Saturday 28 May 2022

Coffee exports recover in Central America

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Figures from the Centralamerican Agricultural Monitor, prepared by the Business Intelligence unit at CentralAmericaData.COM reveal that Central American coffee exports have resumed their upward growth path.

Between January and July 2015 the region exported 580,299 MT of coffee, equivalent to $2.145 billion. This amount exceeded the 534,105 MT sold abroad in the same period in 2014, which generated revenues of $1.82 billion.

Despite this improvement, exports have not yet achieved the results of the same period in 2013, when the region exported 587,419 MT.

Honduras remains the largest exporter of coffee in the region, with 266,964 MT sold abroad in the period in question, followed by Guatemala, with 138,874 MT, Nicaragua, with 87,024 MT, Costa Rica, with 54,147 MT, El Salvador, with 32,075 MT, and Panama, with 1,215 MT.

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