Thursday 07 July 2022

Coffee exports from Uganda down 9.3 percent during the month of April

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Coffee shipments from Uganda, Africa biggest exporter of the commodity, fell by 9.3% on year during the month of April to 295,194 60-kilo bags, the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) said in its latest report.

Export earnings were also down by 16.66% compared to the previous month of March 2018.

UCDA attributes the decrease in both quantity and value to an end of the main season in the central and eastern regions.

The report shows that the country’s full year coffee exports (May 2017 to April 2018) totalled 4.66 million bags worth US $521 million.

Uganda’s coffee exports during the month of April went to EU countries (183,987 bags lower than 233,958 bags exported in the previous month). Sudan imported 37,714 bags (12.78 per cent) compared to 45,175 bags (13.55 pervcent) the previous month.

The USA imported 25,133 bags (8.51 per cent) compared to 12,283 bags (3.68 per cent). Morocco imported 12,797 bags (4.34 per cent) compared to 9,060 bags (2.72 percent) and India 12,598 bags (Coffee exports to Africa amounted to 55,621 bags, a market share of 18.84 per cent compared to 69,638 (20.89 per cent) bags the previous month.

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