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Coffee exports from Brazil were up 2.6 percent in September reports Cecafé


MILAN – Coffee exports from Brazil – including green, soluble coffee and roasted & ground coffee – reached 3.2 million coffee bags in September. The volume represents a 2.6% increase compared to September 2018, says the Brazilian Coffee Exports Council in its monthly report.

Green coffee export were up 2.3% to 2.9 million bags. Shipments of Arabica rose 3.7% to 2.64 million bags. Exports of Robusta were down 9.9% to 263,121 bags. Exports of processed coffee (mostly soluble) rose 5.1% to 324,704 bags.

In September, Arabica corresponded 81.8% of the total export volume, Conilon (Robusta) reached a share of 8.1%, whereas soluble coffee accounted for 10% of exports.

coffee exports Brazil

Calendar year

Total coffee exports from Brazil in the calendar year (January to September 2019) continue to be the largest in the past five years for the period, with a shipment of 30.4 million bags.

The volume represents growth of 27.7% YoY. Foreign exchange revenue also registered growth of 6.5%, reaching US$ 3.8 billion.

Exports of green coffee rose 30% to 27,374,319 bags of which 24,407,629 bags of Arabica (+26.2%) and 2,966,690 bags of Robusta (+73.7%).

Exports of processed coffee were slightly over 3 million, up 10% on year.

coffee exports Brazil

Top Destinations

The top five destinations for Brazilian coffee were: The United States, which imported 5.7 million coffee bags (18.9% of the total shipped in the period); Germany, with 5 million imported bags (16.5%); Italy, with 2.8 million bags (9.3%); Japan, with 2 million bags (6.7%); and Belgium, with 2 million bags (6.6%).

Almost all top consumer countries of Brazilian coffee, except for the United Kingdom, registered, in the calendar year, increased product imports YoY.