Tuesday 09 August 2022

Brazil coffee exports reached a new record high of 4.3 million bags in November, Cecafé

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MILAN – Exports of all forms of coffee from Brazil reached a all-time record high for the month of November of 4,339,084 bags, up by almost a third (+32.2%) from the same month of 2019. This was the second biggest monthly volume so far this year. Shipments of Arabica rose by 33.9% to 3,691,459 bags. Robusta exports surged 63.6% to 333,887 bags. Sales abroad of processed coffee fell slightly to 313,738 bags (-2%), mostly of soluble coffee.

The numbers were made public this Wednesday 9 December by the Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council (Cecafé).

Cecafe said the average price per bag of coffee exported was $124.90, basically at the same level seen in November last year and still a very long way off the higher prices seen in previous years.

Cumulative coffee exports from Brazil in 2020 (Jan. to Nov.) reached 36.08 million bags, an all time high and 6% above the same period a year earlier, as the country managed to expand volumes for the third consecutive year.

Cumulative exports in 2020 (Jan. to Nov.) amounted to 39,787,306 bags, with foreign exchange revenue climbing 6.7%, to US$5 billion. Average price per bag increased by almost 1% to US$126.45.

Cumulative exports of green coffee reached a record volume of 36,084,545 bags (+6.4%), of which 31,542,471 bags of Arabica (+4.1%) and 4,542,074 bags (+25.7%) of Robusta. Shipments of processed coffee stayed virtually unchanged at 3,702,761 bags.

“We were very pleased with the fact that the industry has weathered such a challenging year sustainably and protecting the health of all collaborators, and making sure that consumers around the world will have a cup of coffee on their tables, with quality and safety,” said in a press release Cecafé chairman Nelson Carvalhaes.

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