Thursday 07 July 2022

Coffee exports from Brazil in Jan-Apr reached all time highs (+26.8%)

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MILAN – Coffee exports from Brazil rose by 24.6% in April to 2,976,057 of which 2,717,192 of green coffee, according to a monthly report issued by Cecafé. Arabica shipments were up 24.3% to 2,520,070 bags, Robusta exports rose a whopping 238.6% to 197,122 bags.

On the other hand, sales of processed coffee (mostly soluble) were down 15% to 258,865 bags.

Arabica coffee made 84.7% of shipments, Robusta coffees 6.6%, soluble coffee 8.7%.

Export during the first 10 months of crop year 2018/19 rose to an all-time high of 34,085,420 bags, up 30.4%.

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