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COFFEE EVENTS – At SIGEP 2014 the “Affogato al Caffe” Award

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RIMINI, 30th September 2013 – A new event has been added to further enrich SIGEP 2014. It is the ´Affogato al Caffè´ Award, which strengthens the relationship between artisan gelato and espresso coffee, already able to result in participation by leading companies and events of worldwide importance.

A classic of Italy´s gelato tradition, born from the combination of the passion of coffee and the sweetness of gelato, the ´affogato al caffè´ is a glass of gelato over which a shot of espresso coffee is poured; a dessert with universal characteristics, known internationally simply as ´affogato´, this is an evergreen must whose origin´s are lost in time, interpreted in numerous ways by the new generations.

A ´breach of the rules´, a compromise between gelato and coffee making. On Sunday 19th January, the stand of Comprital, platinum sponsor of the World Gelato Cup, will host a contest between ten barmen. They will have six cream-based gelato flavours, made by the World Gelato Cup contestants at their disposal and will use Portioli Torrefazione coffee.

The result will be a fascinating combination: the creams made by the teams of the countries taking part in the Gelato World Cup with the chosen coffee.

The Award is promoted in collaboration with ACIB (Italian Barista Championship Association) and SCAE – Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

A specialized panel of judges, the members of which will include the current champion gelato artisan Leonardo Ceschin, will elect the best ´Affogato al caffè´. The top barista will also win a 500 euro cash prize, 300 for the second and 200 the third.


All the other contestants will receive participation certificates. The Award announcement, with all the information for applying to participate, is on the Web site

Andrea Lattuada of the A.C.I.B. Italian Barista Championship Association states, ´Following up on the success achieved last year by participating in the pastry contests, this year we are proposing the same format for gelato.

The contest´s panel will judge the baristas´ ability to come up with a particular taste, balancing the flavours and creating a harmonious combination of gelato and single-origin coffee.

The initiative is also a way to re-discovering the affogato in patisseries, snack bars and gelato parlours, whereas, for the baristas competing, the prizes to be won will be a stimulus to express their professional skills to the best.´

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