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Comunicaffè International launches new subscription campaign for 2018/2019

MILAN – Comunicaffè International is launching its subscription campaign for 2018/2019. The annual subscription rate is un...

The Mystical Seed, a story through time to the origins of coffee in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – The Mystical Seed is a new international documentary film – to be released in Ethiopia. “This is an artistic documentary to convey to the world the culture and history that coffee represents starting from Ethiopia, the land of its origin”, said Mr. Mario Riccardo Migliara, Director & Author.

What you can learn from ancient coffee rituals around the world

NEW YORK – For many caffeine lovers, coffee drinking is less of a habit and more of a sacred ritual. In fact, the history of coffee rituals around the world is an intimate view into the lives of coffee drinkers who came before us. If you trace coffee back to its place of origin — Ethiopia — you’ll discover that the drink was prepared as part of ...

“Adding 5 cents to a cup of coffee wouldn’t really help the producers”

MILAN – Regarding yesterday’s article “Fair trade is not doing enough for coffee – senior UN advisor Jeffrey Sachs”, we ha...

Maurizio Giuli explains the evolution of the world market for roasted coffee

MILANO - In this article our intent is to answer to this complicated question: how has evolved the Trade of Roasted coffee wordlwide in the 2 decades 1994-2014. In order to better analyse the evolution of the market over this time span, we referred to a study by Maurizio Giuli

Innovative coffee shops are bringing late-night cafe culture to the UK

LONDON – Aside from the odd after dinner espresso, coffee drinking has always been a daytime pursuit in Britain. But a new wave of cafes across the country are showing that there’s room (and demand) for late-night coffee bars and all-day tea houses. Over the last few years, late-night ...

Michelin Guide Rio & Sao Paulo includes three new one-star restaurants

BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, France – Michelin is delighted to unveil the new selection in the 2017 MICHELIN Rio & Sao Paulo Guide, available on all download platforms (IOS and Android) and in hard copy, in English and Portuguese. The 2017 selection distinguishes three restaurants with one star ...

Comunicaffè International launches new subscription campaign for 2017/2018

MILAN – Comunicaffè International is launching its subscription campaign for 2017/2018. The annual subscription rate is unchanged at 260 euro. A paying account gives you access to all the resources on our website without limitations. You can pay using your paypal account, your credit card (Stripe) or with a wire transfer.

Brexit vote’s bean bad for Starbucks: Coffee giant’s UK sales, profits plunge

LONDON, UK – The US coffee company said it has “experienced significant economic and political headwinds this year which affected sales, including slowing economic growth, impact of Brexit and ongoing security concerns contributing to weakening consumer confidence”.

Why coca leaf, not coffee, may always be Colombia’s favourite cash crop

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Chile – Colombia’s current peace process is facing numerous challenges. In a country that has suffered the worst impacts of the international drug war, one main dilemma is this: what to do with rural regions which have specialised in producing coca leaf, the main ingredient in one of the world’s most lucrative products?