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Coffee beans subscription service announced by HK Coffee Roaster

subscription service Hong Kong

HONG KONG – Bean Curious, a Hong Kong coffee subscription service, announces its newest daily blends, including the “Wilson” which is a nutty, chocolate blend from Yunnan, Honduras, and Uganda. The new company offers customers a chance to try a wide range of blends from all over the world. The newly announced blends add to the already extensive list of available blends and single-origin roasts offered by the company. Bean Curious allows residents to have organic, sustainable, specialty beans and roasts delivered to their doorstep each week.

Subscriptions range from HKD 88 to HKD 292, depending on the roasts chosen.

The current pandemic has shifted the way businesses operate, with more people ordering their essentials online and having them delivered to their doorstep. Recent data likewise suggests that the demand for organic roasts and coffee beans has risen in the country, which experts say implies that more people want to make their coffee at home.

Bean Curious specializes in one-of-a-kind blends that are not found in regular cafes or shops. The founders of the company say that their subscription service is unique because it offers customers more freedom in the coffee that they prepare and drink each week. This flexibility empowers customers to pick and choose the roasts they want, allowing them to sample various coffees from around the world.

The HK coffee subscription service can be altered at any time and paused for holidays or vacations.

As its name implies, the service is meant for people who are curious about coffee and still looking for the perfect roast. Bean Curious regularly updates their available coffee bean blends and rotates cycles every four weeks. To comply with current health guidelines, the company also delivers the blends and roasts directly to their customer’s homes.

The company is constantly curating its collection to ensure that its customers have a wide array of choices, from full-bodied roasts to lighter varieties. Bean Curious also offers a trial subscription.

Interested parties can find more information at https://beancurious.com