Monday 17 January 2022

“Coffee and Climate” project launched to improve Peru’s coffee production

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The “Coffee and Climate” project promotes climate-smart agriculture adapting coffee crop management to climate change, from the perspective of the value chain. This initiative was developed by the Peruvian Chamber of Coffee and Cacao (CPC) along with the participation of SCAN and Solidaridad.

Luis Navarro Váscones, president of the CPC, stressed the need to adapt to climate change: “For the international market it is important to achieve consistency; it is not enough to have good coffee, but rather to maintain its quality. This is a challenge in a context with problems such as rust, temperature changes, rains out of season … ”

The “Coffee and Climate” project will reach over 50 thousand families of smallholder producers through the main exporting companies and partners in order to increase productivity and maintain grain quality. It will also create conditions in local governments for investment in the coffee value chain to make coffee production in Peru a driving force of development in Peru’s highland jungle area.

Another project, “SIC-CAFE” was also presented, implemented by the National Coffee Board (JNC) and is committed to a comprehensive quality management system for coffee cooperatives in five producing regions.

These two major coffee value chain projects, which aim at strengthening the positioning of Peru as a producer of quality coffee and increase the export of Peru’s aromatic grain with a view towards the bicentennial, are implemented by the SECOMPETITIVO program – by the Swiss Economic Cooperation (SECO) in Peru, the JNC and the CPC.

The aim of both projects is to reach the bicentennial strengthening the foundations for sustainable coffee production. The initial ratings project towards 2021 with a growth of at least 30% of exports compared to 2015, which means reaching almost 5 million quintals.

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