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COFFEA TECHNOLOGIES – Launching a Coffea Vacuum Brewer 2.0

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA – Coffea  vacuum brewing system is winner of NRA-Kitchen Innovation Award 2013. KI  Awards are produced by the National Restaurant Association to recognize and celebrate cutting-edge equipment that specifically improves the back of the house and benefits foodservice operators.

Coffea Technologies has reinvented the vacuum brewing process.

They joined forces with “Baristi” and Roasters to bring the latest in coffee brewing technology.

Brewing coffee is a blend of art and chemistry.

The technology of coffee brewing has been well established. But, in 2007, Aleksandar Radosav had no idea what he’d reached after working intensely in conceiving a coffee machine for the business environment.

A dream comes true – a new vacuum extraction system is born: Coffea  vacuum brewing system.


The vacuum coffee pot is a clever device invented by Robert Napier in 1840 that prepares an exceptional cup of coffee with a potent aroma. Coffea has succeeded in achieving the extraction process with modern technology. The Vacuum brew process permits to enjoy the best way to extract. Reaching the industry with the system enables a cost-efficient solution. Leveraging the capacity for the entrepreneur to be on top.

Reducing waste is only one of many advantages it yields: the ease of use, its low maintenance and product consistency are some of the other factors for the preferred choice those who have embraced the system.

Source: press release